Making it easier for Swimming Clubs to develop & maintain Websites


Who we are

WEBRUS has many years of experience of building and running
websites. We have built websites not only for the borough of Harrow Swimming Club but also the Milton Keynes Junior League.


What we do

Building and running a swimming club website can be time consuming and costly.
Most swimming clubs in the UK develop their own unique system with some of the larger clubs use independent agencies. The smaller clubs drawing on the skills of parents for a basic web presence. These websites are important to
Swimming clubs and are used as communication tools, information repositories and many use them to reduce the administrative burden of running a club..


Why Choose Us

By leveraging this capability we would be potentially realizing a huge saving
in volunteer time and bring a sophisticated internet presence to many smaller clubs that would be normally beyond their cost and effort appetite.

The Common Website Technology

will improve the image of most clubs and business, brings many benefits , including:
• A ready-made structure
• Reduced Administration
• Streamlined ePayments processing
• Ability to easily keep members informed
• A robust and reliable store of club information and detail
• Secure Member only areas
• Ready-Made On-line Store
• Business hours telephone advise

On the Subject of Me

On the Subject of Me I'm Zak, a Graphic and Web Designer, working in web development. If you have a project that needs some creative injection then that’s where I come in!
Hire me, I'm really good